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Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2013

I Hated Myself Being in a Relationship (Day 6)

I remember dating a girl and everything went really fast. She was the kind of girl that if she wanted to fuck a guy in the street she would do it. 
I liked her a lot but as we came closer I noticed myself becoming a little bit possessive. It's like I wanted her to be like that only with me.
I experienced thoughts like "If she fucked with me during our third date, I bet she has done the same with every single guy she has been with". So I became possessed with comparisons and polarity manifestations of inferiority/superiority.
I ended up hating all guys around her; the way they dressed, their music, their pictures, because I noticed all of them had something in common. Probably because it was this girl's stereotype of boy she liked to hook up.
It's been a year since we are no longer together and today I was watching some pictures and the same thoughts activated "Poor guys, they all look the same. They believe they are special. What do they want to achieve show…

Knowledge = Pendrives (Day 5)

In my country if you want to go to university students must take a test. That test is going to measure your knowledge based on your last 4 years of high school education.
You have to get certain scores in order to be able to start a career. If you don't get that specific score, you will have to wait one more year in order to take the test again. And also consider that the test is not for free.
There's also a huge market behind all of this, wherein specific places/institutions prepare students so as to increase their scores and be prepared for next year in case you fail. (not for free)
So, everything is based on achieving the score you want and then you can go study, pay out, be "happy",etc.
The point is that that test does not measure skills. It only measures "knowledge" and/or "information".
There are many traits that human beings have that a test is never going to measure. That's why there are many "smart" people full of knowledge …

Ego V/S Manipulation (Day 4)

Last night I was hanging out with some colleagues in an apartment. Suddenly more people came. One of them was a kind of drunk girl.
The point is that I noticed she wanted everything to go according to her desires. For example, she asked a guy to give her a cigarette. Then she gave him a look because she wanted the guy to light up the cigarette. Then she asked for a beer and she did not even move a finger.
She insisted that she wanted to listen to a band. And at the beginning it was like a contrast because the apartment was quite silent and then she came screaming and laughing and demanding cigarettes, beer and music. So, she wasn't unnoticed at all.
My first interaction with her happened when she was saying to every single person in the room "hey! hey! my friend…I want to listen to a band!" and then she looked at me and said: hey…my friend…wouldn't it be cool to listen to this band? tell them to play a song by that band", and I felt like she was trying to manipu…

Thoughts as Starting Point (Day 3)

I have realized that when I establish some starting points towards my interaction with this reality, they come from thoughts. 
I noticed that some of my starting points were a result of my thoughts and as they were different from my previous constructs/beliefs/perceptions/definitions I felt I was acting in self-honesty. 
Everything started last night when I wanted to go out and my friends were busy and I did not want to depend on them. So I decided to go out on my own. 
My starting point was "I want to go out and if I don't do it because my friends are not around I am going to create/support the necessity of being with others to do what I want". 
So, I went out being very sure about this point and I thought "Ok, it does not matter if I am alone or not, because what I want is to enjoy myself being out for a while before going to sleep". (Fascinating so far)
But then I realized that it was not only the desire of being out, because I also wanted to smoke some weed…

I "WANT" food, but I "NEED" money (Day 2)

Nowadays the action of eating has not only the purpose of fulfilling a biological necessity to be able to exist in this world. There's also the "I want" manifestation towards food wherein human beings have to make a choice and when one has a choice or a decision to make it's where the real representation of the necessity of eating goes directly into an inner conflict of "today I WANT pizza", "hum…well, tomorrow I WANT burgers", etc. misunderstanding or probably unaware that they have turned the "I NEED" into an "I WANT".
When one has realized that we are within a system where the only vehicle towards getting the things I WANT is making money, money becomes and has become an "I NEED".
People NEED money in order to manipulate their "I WANT" (and make/believe/perceive it as a real "necessity").
And vice versa:
People WANT money in order to manipulate their "I NEED". (and make/beli…

From the "I need" to the "I want" (Day 1)

Human beings have defined themselves with the following expressions "I need a relationship", "I need to go out with my friends","I needed to get drunk", "I needed to forget my problems", etc. The point is that human beings need basic resources to be able to exist within this world, such as food, shelter, water, and many others, because if you don't have access to them one will exist in poverty; not in an equal life condition.
When beings express themselves with the words "I need" they are manifesting that "they cannot live without it". Therefore, "I need" = "I can't live without it". 
So the question is, how is it possible to say "I can't live without a relationship", "I can't live without getting drunk every weekend", "I can't live without having a car", etc. ?
People have turned the "I want" into the "I need" and this has created a se…