From the "I need" to the "I want" (Day 1)

Human beings have defined themselves with the following expressions "I need a relationship", "I need to go out with my friends","I needed to get drunk", "I needed to forget my problems", etc. The point is that human beings need basic resources to be able to exist within this world, such as food, shelter, water, and many others, because if you don't have access to them one will exist in poverty; not in an equal life condition.

When beings express themselves with the words "I need" they are manifesting that "they cannot live without it". Therefore, "I need" = "I can't live without it". 

So the question is, how is it possible to say "I can't live without a relationship", "I can't live without getting drunk every weekend", "I can't live without having a car", etc. ?

People have turned the "I want" into the "I need" and this has created a separation within beings, because when someone "needs" something it's like a natural condition of the necessity of the human being to exist within this world, therefore I do not take responsibility of what I should deserve and when you take a decision towards an action and you express yourself with the words "I need" you are avoiding being self-responsible. 

The suggestion would be to replace all the "I need" into "I want" and you will notice how often you express yourself as a being that is always with the necessity of something else that is separated from self and that has nothing to do with an actual necessity. Of course this is not going to make a change in our current existence, but at least you will be aware. So, make sure every time you catch yourself using the words "I need" stop in that moment, breathe, realize and make sure if it's a real necessity to exist or is it just that you got used to the expression as a pre-programmed being, in order to avoid the consequences later and jump with excuses like "It's just that I needed it" immediately running into the "victim" role. 

It's like when you say "the window was broken", ok but who did it? 
It's different from "I broke the window". 

It's fascinating to realize how human beings are used to avoiding taking self-responsibility even in their personal decisions with only a couple of words.

I will continue in part 2 with "I WANT food, but I NEED money".