Knowledge = Pendrives (Day 5)

In my country if you want to go to university students must take a test. That test is going to measure your knowledge based on your last 4 years of high school education.

You have to get certain scores in order to be able to start a career. If you don't get that specific score, you will have to wait one more year in order to take the test again. And also consider that the test is not for free.

There's also a huge market behind all of this, wherein specific places/institutions prepare students so as to increase their scores and be prepared for next year in case you fail. (not for free)

So, everything is based on achieving the score you want and then you can go study, pay out, be "happy",etc.

The point is that that test does not measure skills. It only measures "knowledge" and/or "information".

There are many traits that human beings have that a test is never going to measure. That's why there are many "smart" people full of knowledge but they do not have the so called emotional intelligence and all that knowledge is not worth because they are not capable of managing themselves within hard situations.

In the educational field, you can have teachers full of knowledge blabbering and blabbering information, but they do not necessarily have communicative or social skills developed to deliver that "knowledge" and this might inhibit them to foster an effective learning process. And the worst; they are not even aware of these situations within themselves, because they tell their students to study and learn all the information in order to be the "best" students to achieve their dreams and then go to university and be happy.

The educational system wants to expand students' capacity of storage in order to become more desirable pendrives to get and use as they wish. The system uses your preprogrammed capacity. The more Gyga bytes you can store, the best candidate you are for the system.

Students that go to private schools get better scores at that test. Therefore, the more money you have, the "better" education you get, and most importantly you become a better pendrive full of information for the system. And the system chooses the best pen drives to give them the opportunity to be "happy" within this world.

You have felt really happy for all the information you've gotten, because the system has made you fall in love with it in order to fuck your USB later and fulfill your "necessity" of getting more knowledge because you feel you have been noticed among many other pen drives that do not have the same capacity to storage that you have acquired, giving you a sense of "superiority".

If you have become a pendrive, don't worry. We all have a "reset" button. Find out more at: