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Mostrando entradas de enero, 2014

Part Two: Paranormal Experiences (Day 10)

I am continuing with the topic I started yesterday with regards to experiences that I have defined as "paranormal".
After writing my self-forgiveness I remembered another experience that I had that I would like to analyze, because it is also related to the value I have given to some thoughts within my mind system.
This one is also related to a dream I had when I was about 3 or 4 years old. This is the dream:
I (really) lived in an apartment. Third floor. One day, someone knocked at the door and when I opened it, I saw a little girl next to her father. I remember I really liked this girl. 
The next day - back to reality - someone knocked at the door and guess what. Same scene; the girl and her dad looking for my mom as in my dream. They were new at the building.
I had no relationship with this girl. I knew she lived in the fourth floor and that she had an older brother that I met a few times. But I never saw her again or probably I can't remember.
I have realized that this epis…

Paranormal Experiences? (Day 9)

The other day I was dreaming of being at my grandparents' house. Every time I am there (through dreams) I perceive that the dream wants to tell me something. 
These dreams are always related to girls and it is probably because I always go there with the current girlfriend. I do not really know.
My grandfather passed away like 2 years ago and this time the dream was related to a girl I know and my dead grandfather.
The dream goes like this:
My friend and I were staying at my grandparents' house and she was sleeping in another room. She told me that she heard scary noises coming from outside at night and that she couldn't sleep because she was too scared.
I wanted to know about these noises so I went to bed and then, I started hearing them. I immediately went to the front door and looked outside through the door eye and I saw nothing out of normal and what I heard was the sound of a marching band. Very loud.
Then something grabbed me and took me back into my bed. Everything was da…

The Mind Does NOT See Real Love (Day 8)