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Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2014

Part Two: Fear and Anxiety Before Playing Live (Day 17)

Here I am continuing with my previous blog with regards to how I experienced that "weird" emotion in my stomach/chest as fear and anxiety before playing live with my band. 
Now, I can relate those emotions of fear and anxiety to the self-manipulative character that thinks negatively based on a previous experience after the activation of memories that led me into back chatting within my physical existence HERE.
Within the process of feeding the fear and anxiety I understand the reason why I have heard some artists saying that the "weird" feeling before performing is part of the whole package and if you don't feel it, anything would be the same and it wouldn't make sense.
If one introjects that system of "negative thinking" in order to get a "positive" outcome, I can say - due to my experiences within those systems - artists consider/define that feeling as "positive" in order to remain negatively with low expectations - but expectat…

Fear and Anxiety Before Playing Live (Day 16)

It is very common to hear that artists experience something in their chests/stomachs before acting/playing/performing. Once I heard that a singer quit his band because he stopped feeling that weird and inexplicable feeling before playing.
Some others say that feeling is part of the performance and if you don't feel that before playing, it wouldn't be the same (giving it a positive meaning).
The other day I had to perform live with my band and I talked to a band mate and we shared how we felt in that moment. I said, "I feel worried, because we brought all our gear and as this show is happening outside in a skate park, I'm afraid something bad happens to our equipment".
Then, as I saw people coming and coming to see the show and they brought alcohol, I thought "I hope these people behave when we play, I don't want them to throw us stuff over our heads because they don't like our music".
I also noticed I was worried because I had my car parked on a hil…

Facing Accidents (Day 15)

The other day I was going out and realized that there was one of my mom’s plants lying on the floor of the front yard due to the strong winds. I decided to move it and place it straight as how it is supposed be. Suddenly one of its branches went directly into my ear after moving it. I felt a very sharp pain inside and heard the noise of something slitting. I had pierced my left eardrum.  I went back to my house and I remembered that some days ago I told mom to change the plant planter because the plant had already grown a lot and the little planter v/s the strong winds made the plant fall. 
I told mom "I've just had an accident. I pierced my eardrum while moving the plant". She asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital, but I wanted to breath and assimilate what it had just happened.
I collapsed when listening to my mom plus thinking, "what am I going to do? I have to play with my band in two more days". I reacted saying "mom, I told you to get rid of that p…