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Mostrando entradas de mayo, 2014

Ok, I get it. Shut up! (Day 35)

Last night I was in a situation with my band, in which we started sharing perspectives about how to communicate effectively in order to avoid getting angry and/or reacting, because we have realized that we are kind of stuck within our music project. It is hard for us to move and support each other's ideas.

We are frustrated because we do not feel/consider the band as we used to do and we would like to change that.

Most of our conversations happen through Facebook and that leads us to interpret/read the written words based on reactions due to the accumulated frustration/thoughts/energy.

It's not yet an agreement, but when we realize we are participating in reactions, we do not longer reply, so the one that is cyber-expressing himself feels not being considered I guess. But we all know how things may end up, so we "ignore" each other when we have started arguing.

Lately, If I notice I am reading the messages under a polarity reaction - such as anger -, I type "let'…

Creating a Different Relationship with/towards Songs/Music (Day 34)

Here I will deconstruct the relationship with music/songs that I have built throughout my whole life. This includes listening to music, playing it with my band and how I go mind-directed when being exposed to melodies and then, I suddenly end up living/existing/participating in mind movies/scenarios/imagination/thoughts instead of being HERE.

Imagination/thoughts while listening to music:

Playing songs/music with my band in a concert/gig in front of certain people. 

Getting/creating an emotional reaction from the audience towards myself.


Not being One and Equal in self-expression from/within the physical as who I really am now, in real time.

Separation for the attachment to a self-definition coming from others to oneself.

Self-Forgiveness/De-construction Process:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to imagine myself playing with my band while listening to songs/music.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to get an emotional react…