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Mostrando entradas de junio, 2014

I See Myself in You (Day 39)

I remember mom telling me that my youngest sister and I are very alike (Personality traits). Mom even mentioned that she experienced the same symptoms during both pregnancies She said that we even moved very similar when we were inside the womb. 
Before my youngest sister was born, I interacted a lot with my other younger sister. We were very close, we played together everyday and I cared a lot about her. I always protected her. 
But when my youngest sister was born, my relationship with my younger sister was not the same, because they both started interacting more. I never felt rejected or anything like that, because I always had my own friends and it was all fine. 
The point is that there was a phase in which I started behaving "bad", for instance when mom asked me something I reacted negatively, with an aggressive/disrespectful attitude and I noticed that my youngest sister learned that from me.
I don't have a "bad" relationship with my youngest sister but we al…

She Became Ugly! (Day 38)

The other day I saw a friend's ex girlfriend in the street and I gave her a look at her whole human physical body and I had a backchat that said "She Became ugly", and then more thoughts started coming, for instance: "probably she got fucked too many times that her body became fat with no shape, because she wasn't like that before", "Probably she has been fucking a guy that does not know how to touch/fuck her and she became fat".
These thoughts/backchats lasted like 10 seconds, until I realized I was reacting, so I stopped and breathed in order to stop my participation with my mind system.
I started saying the self-forgiveness aloud, but it was hard because there were too many people and noise in the streets because the world cup match thing was about to start and all the noise/crowd got me distracted. 
So, here I am going to write it down...
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge a human being based on her human physical bo…

What Does a "LIKE" Mean on Facebook? (Day 37)

When referring to "likes" on Facebook we are conditioned to make a decision after seeing the posted video/comment/picture.
The Facebook platform gives its users 2 options; you like it or not.
I have been under the insecurity/doubt of "should I press the like button?", even judging myself for the "decision" I have to make, because I have to whether "like" or "ignore".
This also works as a validation/legitimization of self. I see it on my students when they talk about how many "likes" their uploaded/shared/posted pictures had, feeling "good"/"accepted" if they had lots of "likes".

The other polarity side of the "liked"/"accepted" beings experience the opposite when they do not get the same "likes". 
This creates discrimination, because it manifests the "better ones" and the "worse ones". Therefore, a re-definition must be addressed.
I forgive myself that …

My Facebook Persona (Day 36)

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to try to keep a specific image of myself in order to present it to other beings and be accepted or defined under a "positive" idea.
I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to experience embarrassment even when thinking of the idea of doing the self-forgiveness about this.
I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to physically react with an emotion of embarrassment when thinking of the idea of doing the self-forgiveness about this specific point and get blushed after picturing other beings reading this self-forgiveness.
I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to get angry when I realized that after I uploaded a picture of me and then a video about how the mind works, I suddenly noticed that people liked my picture more instead of the "supportive" video. That's why I thought "what's wrong with people? Do they give more importance/attention to a pictur…