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Mostrando entradas de julio, 2014

Why Don't You Reply to Me on Facebook! (Day 42)

I was chatting with a person on Facebook earlier. Then I went out and when I came back and turned my laptop on again, this person said: I don't like when my messages are left as "seen".
I didn't understand at first, so I asked "why are you saying that?" and this person said: Because I had typed something and you left it as "Seen".
Then, the previous part of the conversation appeared and I realized that there was a moment in which I went downstairs and my laptop had lost the internet connection, so when this person typed, the message didn't appear/show up with a Red Sign as a "Notification" to look at it and reply.
Now - I have heard among my students at school that to be left as "Seen" in a Facebook "conversation" is something "humiliating" and therefore, you MUST feel bad/ignored/rejected.
These kinds of situations feed and fuck up more the (fucked up) mind, because you are just paying attention to the reac…

Would You Like to (Not) Have a Seat? (Day 41)

A few days ago I was on a bus going home after buying some stuff. Suddenly the bus got full of passengers; most of them adults over 50 years old roughly. 
The buses have about 30 seats, so the ones that got on later had to be standing up.
I usually give my seat, but this time I was tired after a long day of work carrying my laptop in my backpack and the stuff I had bought which were not many but made me have my hands busy. 
Suddenly a guy who was standing up next to my seat said to a woman "if I were sitting, I would give you my seat".
That's when I took it personal and a backchat/thought popped up within my mind in which I responded to this guy "if you knew me, you would realize why I am not giving my seat to the woman you are talking to". 
I also thought "it's easy to say that you would do something if you were in a specific situation", judging that guy, because he was not doing anything, just saying words trying to show his "good intentions&quo…

Dating a Drunk Girl? (Day 40)

I am going to explore a point that has just opened up in relation to "Reactions" towards a girl that I am dating.
We have met three times, so we are not really close yet. I have tried not to have any expectations and be aware of how my behavior works when interacting with her instead.
I try not to be directed by my thoughts, feelings and emotions and just be me instead, without being concerned about fitting in any persona/character that is supposed to be "accepted" or "right" according to dates.
I know that I am responsible for me as One, therefore I do not get worried when I notice there are short periods of silence while I'm enjoying my self-expression in the presence of others. In the past, probably I would have felt the "necessity" to keep the conversation going and if I wasn't able to do that, I would interpret it as "I am boring", "I am not an interesting person", basically judging myself for not having the ability…