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Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2014

Ugly & Boring (Day 53)

I was on Facebook and I saw a picture of a girl I knew with her kind of new bf.
My backchat was "That guy's ugly, she is kind of hot. Why does she like him? Probably she gets what she wants with that guy. She must have been desperate for not being taken in consideration and that's the only guy who paid attention to her in the way she expected guys should be".
I remember that I went out with that girl twice. The first time was boring. It was like we were too different and the aspects I mentioned about my life had nothing to do with hers, so I defined her as Boring and Superficial.
The second time we met, I arrived like 3 hours late to our "date" and she had a long face and I ended up talking to one of her friends and I didn't even care about her because I had already defined her as a "boring girl".
So, now as I saw the picture of her and her new bf, I reacted with the back chats I already mentioned and also this belief that "I am way better th…

Part VIII: The Endless Cycle of Complaining at Lunchtime (Day 52)

The other day I was having lunch and all the people there and I started talking about fears and reactions. I mentioned that - according to what I have seen in some Desteni videos - Jesus was asked about death many times by human beings. That's when "N" asked: where did you get that information? And I said "I investigated it on the web" and she reacted with a gesture like saying "I don't believe it".
This is the Video Series I am referring to:
A week passed and "N"'’s Boyfriend (B), said: Pablo, you always say that it's important to question things, but the other day you mentioned something about Jesus and you didn't mention the source where you get the information. Do you question your beliefs?
I explained what beliefs are and that sometimes there's information that makes lots of sense to me because it is commonsense, but it's a process. It's not about saying "ok, 1, 2…

Part VII: The Endless Cycle of Complaining at Lunchtime (Day 51)

Here I am going to walk through self-forgiveness a statement that I heard from a being with whom I react within myself when he expresses himself at lunchtime. Actually this whole series is about the reactions I experience when giving different points of view in the family scenario. 
I heard "B" - according to what I perceived - reacting in a rude manner towards my mom. Just the same say "N" does. Just the same way I used to do in the past.
I heard/saw his reaction when mom was telling him something and I thought, "That's rude. What's wrong with this guy? Who the fuck does he think he is?”
I started reacting angrily within myself, especially because "M" and "D" didn't say anything. That's when I asked him: Do you usually react angrily? Or is it just the way you are? (Because he is from another country, so probably the way they express is different to ours". - Before expressing myself I made sure not to be rude, because I re…