Part VIII: The Endless Cycle of Complaining at Lunchtime (Day 52)

The other day I was having lunch and all the people there and I started talking about fears and reactions. I mentioned that - according to what I have seen in some Desteni videos - Jesus was asked about death many times by human beings. That's when "N" asked: where did you get that information? And I said "I investigated it on the web" and she reacted with a gesture like saying "I don't believe it".

This is the Video Series I am referring to:

A week passed and "N"'’s Boyfriend (B), said: Pablo, you always say that it's important to question things, but the other day you mentioned something about Jesus and you didn't mention the source where you get the information. Do you question your beliefs?

I explained what beliefs are and that sometimes there's information that makes lots of sense to me because it is commonsense, but it's a process. It's not about saying "ok, 1, 2, 3 now, I am going to question everything" from a Rebel starting point.
The conversation was pretty interesting and I never thought I could be having these chats and about these topics that are common within all of us.

It was cool to see his eyes open wide with some stuff I mentioned. It was like he was listening and understanding what I was saying. It was like he, listening to me for the first time lol.

I can't tell that my reactions within the lunchtime scenario have completely changed, but it has somehow. It's a process that I am enjoying because I am developing intimacy with the people in my environment, especially with my mom, because we have been communicating about fears, memories and reactions and when I tell her about it, she goes like "that happens to me too!". She is really open to share her experiences, so I feel that as long as I support myself, I am going to be prepared to support her and all the people willing to change.

Thanks to the Desteni tools I have learned how to really communicate with people and how to change my reactions when I feel uncomfortable in order to take self-responsibility and contribute to the construction of a commonsensical communication that will support others realize that they can change their own self-definitions, fears, reactions and judgment.