Pedophilia as Desire (Day 65)

Some co-workers asked me “did you hear the news about a pedophile teacher that recorded / photographed students?” and I had no idea.

I am subscribed to a page on Facebook where jobs are offered and everybody pastes - besides jobs offers - information related to teachers. 

I noticed there were some teachers asking for the name of that “Pedophile Teacher” and they wanted to know where he lives, works, etc.

Then, the news was posted and when I saw the picture of that “Pedophile Teacher” I realized it was an ex-classmate I had while doing my master at university. 

I got shocked and I couldn’t believe it was him and I felt bad, especially because apparently there was no solid information about what he did and I noticed that people were shattering my ex classmate through comments on Facebook without having concrete data.

I finally read the news and it said that this guy recorded teenagers using a hidden camera inside his handbag. That day - when he got arrested - there was a lady with her daughter in the street and they saw this guy recording the girl’s ass / legs area, so they called the police. When the police arrived this guy admitted what he was doing and then the police went to his house and found pedophile material on DVDs downloaded from internet, over 400 students' pictures shot by him in the street and video recordings from his house's window towards a swimming pool near his house where he observed the girls. He confessed that he used the recorded material to satisfy himself sexually through masturbation.

Now - I have to mention that there can be two charges, one related to recording people without their consent and the other one is related to specifically recording minors. - that’s at least what I can see. I am not a lawyer.

But I have a question:

What’s the difference between 1) Watching / looking at teenagers in the street, mentally record what you see and then you go home and masturbate and 2) Recording them but doing the same? The only difference I am able to see is the electronic device.

I am saying this because guys kind of like girls’ bodies even at first sight. For instance their butts, boobs, hips and body shape that goes according to the definition of a “beautiful body”. -  I am speaking from a heterosexual perspective here of course, but it can be any other.

I have been in the street with some people and then one says “hey look that ass!” , everyone goes “wow!” and then everyone takes a look again and say “holly shit, it was just a teenager. It seems that girls are eating too much chicken nowadays lol”.

Ok - What I want to express here is that pedophilia as Desire exists in most men, but one fears accepting it. One prefers hiding it due to fear. Desire is something everyone has within self, so the task must not be blaming pedophiles as something external, because we are all responsible for the creation of such issues. 

Human beings do not realize / understand how one supports the abuse in this world, because everyone lives in bubbles of self-interest and aren't able to see beyond preconceived ideas / beliefs full of victimization and lack of self-responsibility towards the world as One and Equal.

You can say that it’s different to look at girls in the street and looking for childs' pornography on the Internet. Yeah, they are two different actions, but the desire still exists within the person that feels the attraction. 

Another thing I would like to add is that there is a difference between a “Pedophile" and a “Pederast", because the Pedophile is the one who feels an attraction to underage beings and “Pederast" is the person who abuses. 

There can also be some other differences that are important to clarify, for instance when one has placed the desire in a specific part of a female’s body, one can see even 15 year old girls with a woman’s body. But, there is another range of age where I see it really hard to understand the existence of sexual desire. There are Pederasts that abuse babies. There, I see no connection with what I am saying here. Even though I am able to express myself as a sort of abstraction of my beliefs / ideas, I am not able to understand the abuse of children.

What I am refering to within this post is the "attraction" to a body = bio-suit that apparently goes according to the definition of a “hot / sexy girl” when one follows the desire through physically looking at a body without knowing anything about that being, such as the age, but that doesn’t matter in terms of the desire, because it still exists no matter the age, because the body looks “perfect" until one realizes that it belongs to a teenager.

Now - I have been talking about this with the people around me and most men look uncomfortable / awkward. It’s like; nobody dares to talk about it, because they probably fear realizing they are doing something “sinful" / "forbidden" / "bad". Fear inhibits people from expressing themselves, because they fear being judged. Instead, they prefer hiding.

It's like most people relate Pedophilia = Prison. That's not all about it. Come on! - People have to understand how this functions in order to be able to change themselves without self-judgments and thus, change the world as One, because even killing pedophiles / pederasts will not stop the abuse. Through punishment we are actually using and establishing fear as a mechanism of "change" instead of encouraging self-honest realizations through the comprehension of desires, meaning: what desires are, how they function, how they are inserted through the media, magazines, porn, etc and how to deconstruct them. - People have to realize and understand that when one fears, one suppresses, but never releases = double standards / archetypes. - Similar to the case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

"Hush, don't speak too loud about this, there might be people listening to us and they might think we are Pedophiles".

Why do most people fear taking responsibility on this topic and talk about it? Pedophilia has been a trendy topic that through the media got all people worried / scared that they, instead of addressing the roots of the problem prefer blaming / judging pedophiles / pederasts or even lynch them in the street as the perpetuation of the very physically inserted Panopticon in each human being that makes us believe that we have to apply “justice" and “healing" through punishment; you know, killing all “negativity" to remain "positive" in a "peaceful" and "happy" world. But, in doing so, the world becomes a war between “Abnormal" v/s Justice Murderers. 

Is that what you want as the real solution? Well, That's the way the world has been functioning so far. Have a look at history and tell me... Have those mechanisms created any substantial change?

I’ll continue...