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Mostrando entradas de abril, 2015

Friendship & Money (Day 75)

I am going to refer to a point that is in relation to how I “help” other people when they “need” a specific favor. 

Most of the times I am asked “Pablo, could you give me a ride?”, “Can you give me a cigarette?” or sometimes my friends and I are planning to eat in a restaurant and one of them says “I pass, I don’t have any money”, so I say “I invite you. Let’s go”.
My current status since last December is: unemployed. So, you can realize that the money you get after you are fired (unemployment insurance and payment of balance) is not forever. Plus I haven’t found a new job.
I kind of know that I can live the way I’ve been living since I started working for about 3-4 more months, but the money I have is going to be gone soon.
This situation has led me to fear. Fear of not having everything I have until now, for instance, gas for my car, cigarettes everyday, buy junk food every time I want, etc.
Then, I thought “I have always helped my friends when I have the chance to do it. Will they do th…

The Smell of Love (Day 74)

Earlier I was looking for an old microphone I was supposed to have among all my stuff inside my closet. While I was looking for it I saw many old things I didn’t remember I still kept.

One of those things was a bottle with the perfume of one of my ex girlfriends. I grabbed it and it still had a little inside, so I pushed it and the smell came. 
While I was about to do this I remembered that every time I got in contact with that smell, many memories came to my mind, for instance the season when we met, how the weather was, etc. and I could even re-ignite the “love” experience again.
So - I smelled the perfume and at first I didn’t remember anything. It was just alcohol. Some minutes past and then I did the same exercise - kind of “forcing” myself to bring the love experience again and voila! 
It was interesting to see how I within myself created the same “feeling” I had when I was just dating that girl some years ago.
I used to feel so familiar and comfortable with that smell, because it re…

Fuck You, Facebook! (Day 73)

I have noticed that there are many people that tend to react with a type of “cyber tantrum” when something “negative” is going on within their lives. What I am referring to is when people close their Facebook accounts.

Earlier I was talking with a friend “P” who - as I have mentioned in my post called Hating Girlfriends (Day 59) – is in a kind of chaotic relationship immersed in constant cycles based on jealousy, comparison, breaking up, coming back again, etc, etc, etc. - basically all the systems from which relationships function.

I realized he had closed his Facebook account and I immediately related it to his… should I say ex girlfriend? Well, the movement in that polarity; one day she is his girlfriend and the next day she is the ex.
Anyways – I asked him “hey, what happened to your Facebook account?” and he explained that he was tired of all the bullshit within it. He mentioned that Facebook is full of shit and that he noticed he was too immersed within it and that now he prefers …

Affirmation = Limitation (Day 72)

This is a post related to a point I wrote in one of my previous posts called What Happens After Breaking up? (Day 69) where I mentioned a specific situation when talking to “X”.

The other day I told a friend what had happened with “X” and while I was telling him the story he interrupted me and said “hey, didn’t you know?” and I went “know what?” and he said “your X now is T’s girlfriend. 

Well, “T” is a guy I don’t personally remember meeting but he is kind of close to the group of people I hang out with.

So, then I thought/said “Probably X thought I knew about this and she then thought that I wanted to create problems within her new relationship, but I had no idea. I just got surprised with her reaction after I talked to her”.

Then, all started taking another direction, because my reaction to her answer when I talked to her was “WTF”, because there was some information I didn’t know and that I didn’t have to know anyways.
But, then when I knew the “whole” picture I went “I understand, but…