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The Judiciary (Day 78)

I was reading some articles/papers about Judges and the Judiciary and I would like to refer to certain statements that got me wondering about their function beyond who they are as a profession, but as human beings with a human physical body and a mind consciousness system.

I am not trying - in any way whatsoever - to go “against” the law or anything like that. I am just reading and sharing my realizations/perspectives as a process of self-learning that of course might be “wrong”. Although I see no “wrong” in being “wrong”, because I have learned to see the Beauty behind error and mistake. Anyways, I would suggest to not believe me and instead, investigate on your own.

I am going to focus on 3 points that drew my attention; Independence, Cognitive Skills, and - of course - Justice.

I am not going to quote as copy and paste, because the original articles/papers are in Spanish, so what you will see here are paraphrased translations. You can read the articles/papers here, though:

The first concept is Independence. They mention that the Judge must be Independent, which is related to the ability to judge out of any religious belief, political party, feelings, emotions, etc.- Basically, the ability to abstract oneself from one's Mind Constructs. Very easy, right? - Then they say that that Independence must be attached to the “norm” as the starting point of their development which will be directly reflected in their actions.

The “norm” lol. From the norm’s perspective; everything that goes out of the norm will be abnormal. Such an equal game, right? = “I create the game, so if you don’t play it, you immediately lose".

I was reading the Law’s Curriculum from a local university in order to know a bit more about the career and I couldn’t find any subject related to “Mind Deconstruction” or at least something like “Practical Self-Deconstruction”. I mean, in order to develop that “independence” to judge from a sort of “clear judgment”. Just saying here.

I wonder, how can I trust a person that legally judges when I don’t even have access to their self process? I mean, that person can “support” us, but we can’t support them equally?

It also mentions that the Judge must have certain Cognitive Skills well developed to be able to judge effectively and apply Justice instead of Injustice.

Cognitive Skills - based on Anderson’s Taxonomy - are: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating.

So, that “Independence” they are required to have, should provide judges (within the “Remembering" Cognitive Skill for instance) the ability to stop their participation in any Memory when it pops up in real time, which basically means to stop their Subconscious Mind whenever it sends a Memory from their past experiences which might be related to something/someone they are seeing/touching/smelling now and here in time and space.- I didn't know they could do that.

Within the “Understanding” Cognitive Skill. Well, many of us understand, right? But, that “understanding" first goes into a filter. That filter is your Mind System. So, any time you react (as thoughts, feelings and emotions) to certain information, it’s an indicator by the mind that the filter is functioning perfectly. I am not saying that the filter helps you understand. It actually interferes. In other words, what you see as the filter is being processed by and as your Mind = No “Independence". But, as judges are human beings with “Independence”, I guess that they can easily stop their minds and really see with their physical eyes and leave no room for energetic reactions.

It’s not necessary to continue explaining the rest of the cognitive skills within a Judge. You’d better do the math, it’s simple; you Remember shit = you Create shit.

“The judge is not only an interpreter. It goes beyond. It has the necessary Power provided by the law to act with his/her perspective towards that which is of social interest”.

Well, that “perspective” will be twisted unless the judges .. ah, sorry, I forgot that they are “Independent” and able to stop how their thoughts manifest in their three mind platforms; conscious, subconscious and unconscious. That explains everything. Nevermind.

Let’s imagine a class in school. The teacher wants to foster team work/cooperative learning. The students have to work in groups of three. By the end of the class student “A" gets 100, student “B” gets 80 and student “C" gets 50 as a final mark. But, the marks are averaged, so all of them get a 76 as a group mark. Suddenly, Student “A” stands up very upset and says to student “C”: If it wasn’t for you, I would have gotten a 100 as a final mark. This is Unfair = Injustice!!! - Sounds familiar? Have you ever heard something like that before? I bet you have.

Why did I mention the Cooperative Learning? Because our current system based on competition leads us to believe that learning is only for oneself in a selfish manner. Plus, we are not allowed to share our tests at school. I mean, I have heard students saying “don’t look at my test. This is my effort, my test, my knowledge. I don’t want to share what I have learned with you, because you are lazy and mediocre”. And even teachers say “If I catch you looking at your classmates’ tests, you will suffer the consequences”.

We grow up believing a concept of Justice that has nothing to do with what Justice really entails. And not only with that concept. We are unable to see real life through our Cognitive Skills, because they are constantly being contaminated by our society and institutions.

I don’t see any difference between an ordinary human being and a Judge. I can’t just take for granted that only for being a Judge they are not a Mind System. 

All institutions and their participants have unconsciously/collectively acquired the role of a device of power and control. We function as devices with only one goal = perpetuate the system as it has existed. We as participants working for institutions have the Responsibility to change the mechanisms and stop being just one more gear while believing we are doing our job appropriately, because it is based on the “norm” = Yay, I am such a good employee, because I blindly attach myself to the norm!

So, what would be the task? Well, for me… make sure I am HERE when I am using my set of "cognitive skills” lol. Being aware that I AM NOT MY MIND and that every time a reaction pops up within myself, realize that I am not really seeing, but only interpreting through a filter that functions along with my mind constructs, so as to stop and bring myself back to the physical through breath and write/share my process in self-honesty in order to continue learning.


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