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The Unification of Bands (Day 94)

Last night I played with my band and many unexpected things happened. I mean, the show was great, we had a great time doing it, but I am going to refer to some situations that got me thinking, backchatting and reacting within myself.
Since the first moment we got to the place I realized it wasn’t well organized. The guy in charge suddenly disappeared. All the equipments were on stage. The show was supposed to start at 8pm but it actually started like 2 hours later (that's not unsual within gigs, though).
When we were invited to play, the guy in charge said something like “the idea of this show is to unify the bands”. – It sounded cool to me, because in my country being an artist is not something that makes you rich. You can’t have a descent income through it. You actually have to have another job in order to have money to buy your equipment. – That’s why I thought “Cool, bands have many things in common…let’s do it! Let’s work together and let’s unify our ideas” lol.
We finished play…

Faithfulness v/s Loyalty & Natural v/s Unnatural (Day 93)

Within this post I am going to open up some points existing within myself in relation to some concepts/words I have reacted to recently. These are the concepts of Faithfulness v/s Loyalty and what we know – or think we know – as Natural v/s Unnatural.
Let’s first have a look at the definition of these words and how I can create something with them:
-  - Steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant. -  - True to one’s words, promises, vows, etc.
-  - The state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness. -  - Faithfull adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc.
-  -  Existing and or formed by nature. -  -  Having undergone little or no processing and containing no chemical additives.
-  - Contrary to the laws or cause of nature. -  - At variance with what is normal or to be expected.
Okay – The first two concepts of Faithfulness and Loyalty appeared on a movie called Frida, which is a movie about Frida Kahlo’s life. There was a scene where …

Part II: Communication Within Bands (Day 92)

This post is related to a previous one I wrote some months ago called Communication Within Bands (Day 71).
Talking with a friend who plays in my band yesterday I told him about an idea I have which consists of picking up covers for our rehearsals, so we can be in contact with music in those days that we are not practicing (We practice twice a week).
What I heard from this guy was basically his current involvement with the band, for instance that he prefers practicing instead of playing live and that he sees the band as a practice time to do something physical, but with no future projections. Then, he added that some time ago he proposed something similar (the covers idea) and that he was not heard/supported and that the band kind of made fun of him. – The truth is that I don’t remember that specific event, so probably he spoke about how he felt after that event, based on his perception, in other words; he spoke emotions.
Then we parked the car and a girl in charge of the parking lot came…

Public Accusation (Day 91)

I was on Facebook when I saw that a picture with a short comment was published.

The picture was shot from inside a public bus where it showed the bus patent/license.

The comment said: I want to denounce a discriminatory act committed by a bus driver. Today at 9:30 am there were an old lady and a handicapped gentleman outside (bus stop) and they wanted to get in the bus. The bus stopped a little further and the lady outside asked and begged the bus driver to move the bus backwards so they could get in the bus, but the bus driver didn't want to and the most awful thing what was he said "I don't transport sick people, I won't waste my time for free". Although I told the bus driver to take the 2 people inside the bus, he refused to and he continued driving without even considering how cold it was outside. This is the bus patent. Let's stop being unaware people!.

Now - These types of accusations/denunciations have become popular in my country (Chile) recently and ha…

Plasticity: Let it flow (Day 90)

This is a post related to the Previous One where I mentioned when a friend used the word "Plasticity" to refer to the ability one has to change/adapt oneself within different context and/or change one's opinion.

I realized that Plasticity as a concept can be abused when attaching oneself to it without self-honesty, because as it's a natural process living organisms experience, you can justify/excuse yourself and the concept may switch from Plasticity to Self-Manipulation and/or lack of Self-Commitment and you might be fucking it up while believing you are doing it great.

Another one is the expression "Let it flow". I use/used it a lot, because I mostly improvise when I go out. In other words I don't usually follow a plan, because events may change and I prefer to adapt myself to the different contexts that emerge. But, in self-honesty, I remember using that expression in order to avoid committing myself to help/support another person. 

For instance a frie…

Part III: Stop Smoking (Day 89)

This is part III, continuing with my previous posts:

Part I: Stop Smoking (Day 84)
Part II: Stop Smoking (Day 86)

During this week I met a friend I hadn't seen for a couple of months and he mentioned he had stopped smoking. It was cool to realize that there was another person walking the same point as me. He mentioned that smoking started causing him headaches and he actually felt sick after doing it.

Then we went to his house and after a while he said he wanted to smoke, but there were no cigarettes, so he couldn't smoke.

We continued talking about many things that I will probably share in my next posts, because this friend knows about Desteni and every time we meet we share insights and we learn from each other.

I told him about self-manipulation and the 2 mechanisms one tends to use in order to manipulate self, which are Excuses and Justifications.

Suddenly he says "Well, it's not necessary to attach oneself to a RULE of not smoking anymore, we don't need to be like a…