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Mostrando entradas de julio, 2015

I Often Imagine How People Would React to My Death (Day 103)

I saw a picture with this message “I often imagine how people would react to my death” and I found out it was part of a movie called Submarine. I watched the movie and what I saw within the scene wherein the main character was imagining how people would react to his death was not different to what I have imagined within myself during my life.
I remember having the same backchat / internal conversation within myself. For instance, within my first job as a teacher, I remember thinking “What would be my students reactions to my death?” and I was able to see my funeral and my students saying some words, some of them crying, leaving me drawings and things like that. I also imagined my family and friends all together within the same scenario and what I saw were their thoughts / backchats going “Wow, he was a cool person / teacher / musician, but most of all, he was a great human being. It is a pity that he is not with us anymore.” lol.
I wonder; why would I have those thoughts within myself?…

Self-Judgment Within Communication (Day 102)

I once was told that the “way” you express yourself, meaning; words, voice tonality, volume and body language can create different outcomes when trying to solve problems through communication.
I was told this after an argument and I didn’t pay attention to that person’s words, because in that moment I thought that he was just saying excuses while trying to victimize self and not wanting to first admit that he made a mistake because he took my words personally while within myself I thought I had expressed myself in full honesty about myself but nothing against him.
There’s a person in my family that is very similar to me; one of my sisters. I have been working on not reacting towards her when I don’t like the way she expresses herself and instead, I just breathe, listen and observe, because I realize that I am a lot like her, especially when I am sure I am “right” and that my suggestions may be a “contribution”, BUT, I realize that even though I may be “right” and that my perspective can…

Judging My Own Reflection (Day 101)

Last week I met a friend from another city that I hadn’t seen for a couple of months and he mentioned something about a person who sometimes visits his house. He said that he does not like X’s attitude/behavior. He says that X drinks his beers when he is not at home and things like that. My friend said that once, he was running out of money and that he spent the last he had on some bread and when he got home, X had eaten my friend’s portion lol.
My friend said that he does not know how to handle this situation, because he does not want to be rude. He said that he would like X to realize that he has to change his behavior.
I told him that all we hate from other people is a reflection of ourselves, but my friend said that he is not like X in any way. He said that he tries to be empathetic and that he is able to place himself in other people’s shoes.
After listening to this, I reacted within myself. I remembered that this friend owes me some money since 2012 and I thought that he was not t…

Part II: Weed (Day 100)

Today it’s been a week without smoking weed, so I am going to write about how I have been experiencing this decision.
First of all, it’s been easier than I thought. I quit smoking cigarettes last May and I dare to say that – at least for me – cigarettes were harder to quit than weed. Even though I haven’t smoked any cigarette since I made the decision, the desire to smoke was there for many days. I actually now don’t like the smell of cigarettes and when someone starts smoking next to me I find it annoying and invasive.
In relation to weed, it has been cool to realize how I had conditioned myself to smoke it within certain moments just because I always did it and never questioned it. During this week I haven’t felt the desire to smoke as I experienced it with cigarettes; I actually realize that I don’t need it. I have been around it while some people smoke it and when my turn comes and I say “no, thanks”, I have gotten different reactions. For instance one of my friends said it was cool…

Weed (Day 99)

Today it’s been two days without smoking weed and I have decided to quit. It’s not that I think that smoking weed is “bad”, “wrong” or "immoral". The reason why I am stopping is because of my relationship with it and other effects that were not supporting me in any way.
Most people say that when they smoke weed their physical pains stop. Well, in my case when I am experiencing a physical pain and I smoke weed I feel that the pain intensifies instead of decreasing.
Through walking this process of stopping the mind I have realized that when smoking weed I spend lots of time within my mind thinking and I get completely distracted from reality, because many things can happen around me, but I won’t be aware of it because I am too busy within my mind.
I also realize that when I am worried about something and I smoke weed, instead of feeling better, I feel worse and I have even felt my human physical body getting fraught about to collapse in a type of panic attack.
Another point that…

Right & Wrong (Day 98)

This polarity as right/wrong was witnessed by me in a type of negative reaction as a moral judgment, therefore I would like to have a deeper look at this words/concepts so I can expand more beyond the collective understanding of what ethics/moral may be perceived/believed/thought to be.
The dictionary says about Ethics:
- The study of a general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person; moral philosophy.
-The rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession.
It is important to mention here that moral/ethics is not coercive, meaning that it does not use force or threats to make someone do something. 
So – Why would someone verbally/physically attack another person based on their morals and beliefs?
Let’s do not forget that Moral is – according to the dictionary:
Concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior. - Based on what you think is right and good. Considered right and good by most people: agreeing…

The Arrogant Singer (Day 97)

This is the continuation of an argument I wrote down within the post The Unification of Bands (Day 94).
I was recently watching some videos of the arrogant singer’s band and I realized that as soon as I saw him performing I started judging. I judged his face, hair, eyes, clothes, teeth, the way he moved with the music, his voice and the content of his lyrics. 
Last night I checked this dude’s Facebook, because I wanted to know as much as I could in order to kind of cross-reference through ideas and perceptions my opinion about him. The opinion I had was that he is a mind system with no comprehension about how his mind functions. 
This has been a common judgment I have created towards people since I started learning about my own mind. I place myself in a superior position based on knowledge and information, plus all the details I mentioned above such as physical traits.
I pictured myself having another argument with this dude where I told him to write his perspectives and then humiliating …