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Car Crash (Day 96)

This is a post related to my Previous One, but what I am going to write now happened the day before while being in the same place.

It was the first time I had to go to the Vehicle Technical Inspection, so there were many aspects I didn’t know. I drove there and I entered in the wrong way; it was the exit actually, but it wasn’t a big deal because there were no cars coming.

From the position I was I could see where the real entrance was, so as soon as I realized I had to get out of there, I started driving backwards. There was a truck behind me and I hit it. I couldn’t see through the rearview mirror because of the brightness that was directly hitting the mirror and so enabling me to see properly.

I noticed that the truck’s owner was in front of me watching everything while his truck was parked. When I hit his truck I saw him moving his hands like talking to me. Through his body language I realized he was obviously reacting. "What an awful situation", I thought. I don’t like giving people a reason to tell me off and now I had to get off and experience something for the first time, because it was the first time this happened to me and it was me the one who had made the mistake, which apparently placed me in an “inferior” position.

As soon as I got off the car, I had the truck’s driver talking to me in a very reactive mood. He said “Do you know why things like these happen? Because you are not thinking! You have your head in another place!”. I said “You can’t ensure that”- while checking my car. He then said “I saw you coming through the wrong way!”. I said “Sir, it’s the first time I come to this place. If I ruined your truck, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. The brightness hitting the rearview mirror didn’t let me see properly”. He said, "I whistled to you in order to avoid this to happen!". I said “Sir, I didn’t hear you”. Finally, he said “This behavior can create bigger accidents!”. - I realized that the only damaged vehicle was mine; it only had a few scratches and the truck was in perfect conditions, so the argument ended there. 

Then, the truck driver remained in silence after he realized nothing happened to his vehicle, but before that - and as I mentioned before - he made sure to throw up all his reactions towards me without checking his truck first of all.

What I realized was that it’s very easy to become reactive and it’s like many people are functioning in the same way, including myself. I realize that I didn’t take the truck driver’s words personally when he said that I wasn’t thinking. I could have taken his words personally and interpreted what he said as “You are not thinking = you are stupid”, but I didn't. Even though I wanted to say that actually thinking may create accidents because when we think we are lost in our minds instead of being here, I reduced everything to “You can’t ensure that”, because the situation was not appropriate for teaching lessons about the mind system lol. 

I also realized that even though I became nervous, my main goal was to avoid having a physical fight or any type of aggression. I noticed that the truck driver was upset, so having another person reacting wouldn’t have solved anything. The only person who knew what really happened was me, so I didn’t have to prove to the truck driver that his hypothesis about what was going on within my mind was wrong. If I would have wanted to prove that, I would have probably ended up in a fight.

But, I remember an anecdote that once I heard. X ended up in a car accident. It was his fault. Suddenly, the other car’s driver gets off his car, approaches X and says “Are you okay? Is your family inside your car okay? Check yourselves in case you have any injuries”. - It was cool to realize that there are human beings that prioritize life over material things. 

It was impossible to me to compare these two events; the truck driver event and the driver involved in X’s accident. But, instead of judging/blaming, I prefer learning from this experience, because we all know that material things have a price and we can’t believe that a car is more important than a human being’s life. Plus, no one would want to crash a car on purpose, so treating people as stupids because apparently their thinking process while driving is nonexistent would actually be the manifested stupidity.

So, if you were involved in a car accident, what do you think it would be your first reaction according to your current priorities in life? To make sure your car is okay or to make sure the people involved are okay? How would you like to be treated if you were the one who messed it up? Well, if your answer is “I would like to be treated well”, then apply it if someone crashes your car and they are apparently the ones to blame.


  1. Well for me, incidents like this one should be treated as calmly and politely as one could, because nothing good will come out of it if we let our tempers flare up. Plus, I'm sure that nobody between the both of you wanted to be in that situation to begin with. No matter how annoying and irritating a situation might let you feel, always remember to keep your respect to other people, and try to listen to their side of the story. And if you know that it's your fault, learn to admit it and say your apology. I hope that’s the last time something like that would happen to you, Pablo. Take care!

    Kim Hunter @ K Hunter Law


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