Right & Wrong (Day 98)

This polarity as right/wrong was witnessed by me in a type of negative reaction as a moral judgment, therefore I would like to have a deeper look at this words/concepts so I can expand more beyond the collective understanding of what ethics/moral may be perceived/believed/thought to be.

The dictionary says about Ethics:

- The study of a general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person; moral philosophy.

-The rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession.

It is important to mention here that moral/ethics is not coercive, meaning that it does not use force or threats to make someone do something. 

So – Why would someone verbally/physically attack another person based on their morals and beliefs?

Let’s do not forget that Moral is – according to the dictionary:

Concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior.
- Based on what you think is right and good.
Considered right and good by most people: agreeing with a standard of right behavior.

Okay – Moral is related to what most people “think” and “believe” to be “right”. Therefore, a person who verbally/physically “attacks” another one based on the collectively constructed idea / opinion of what they think it is “Right” or “Wrong” goes through a process of Thinking and Believing. It also includes cognitive processes such as understanding, interpreting, analyzing, etc.

Now – I have another question; What makes people be so sure about their Thoughts and Beliefs? – I dare to say that it is due to Fear. Fear related to not having control over certain situations in your life/environment. To me using the typical moralistic argument in order to present yourself as something “more” and attack another person and try to make them feel “inferior” is a Defense Mechanism. Why would a defense mechanism be triggered? Because of Fear -  Fear of not being able to accept your reality, Fear of not taking self-responsibility and just going into a Victimization cycle that has been existing within yourself for so long. Therefore, the moral judgment as an attack based on what you think and believe to be right is showing you that all that you are seeing in the other person is just a reflection of yourself, but as it is easier to just blame others, you just take that option.

A person who attacks another person based on moral/ethics is not actually living the word/concept of moral/ethics. Plus, how can you make sure that your moral judgments are not being influenced by how you “think” and “believe” your reality is? How can you make sure that you are really seeing and accepting your reality in common sense and self-responsibility as self-honesty, instead of using the “Immoral” method of attacking through a “Moral Judgment”?

I realize that if I would attach myself to moral instead of common sense and self-honesty I would become an insane human being judging people everywhere, because according to my beliefs they would be doing something that it is “not accepted” within their "roles" in society. For instance, I could judge a woman for getting divorced, because to “my moral” that would be a failure and a "bad" example for her children, because my parents are still married, therefore my opinion and belief about what is “right” would be learned through what I observe and experience within my own bubble. You see? If we attach ourselves to morals, would we be able to place ourselves in other people’s shoes? Would we be able to understand this lifetime beyond our beliefs? The answer I have is NO, because each person can create their own moral based on how they were raised, their life experiences, their fears, etc.

So, my suggestion would be to stop conditioning ourselves based on moral/ethics, because the only thing we will get through it is to limit one-self from seeing and accepting reality as it is, because when one is able to really see reality and accept it as something that YOU have contributed to happen as well is when you are becoming self-responsible for your own mind (as thoughts, beliefs, ideas, feelings, emotions, etc.) – And then you will realize that judging, attacking, blaming and victimizing yourself is useless, because it does not contribute to a real change in this world that is the best for all, as one and equal.

Understand that YOU are responsible for what happens within and without YOU  in each and every moment of breath.