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Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2015

Part II: I Want My Honor Back! (Day 114)

Yesterday morning something happened. I checked my email when I woke up and there was a notification saying that the guy I mentioned in my Previous Post had paid half of the money we agreed as refund. My backchats were “Is this a coincidence? Did he read my blog or what?” lol.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become angry when thinking /remembering that someone hadn’t paid me within the deadline we both agreed.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react with thoughts/backchats based on moral judgments towards someone that apparently did something bad to me through not paying me, such as his religion, career and personal life.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to imagine this guy failing within his marriage because I labeled him as a not responsible/professional being when he didn’t reply to my messages.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use revenge/anger/frustration to creat…

I Want My Honor Back! (Day 113)

My laptop died some months ago. I took it to a place to have it repaired. It was repaired, but a month later it got broken again. I repaired it again and then it got broken again.
My sister’s boyfriend recommended me a friend of him who was apparently an “expert” on mac. This guy belongs to the same church that my sister and her boyfriend attend, so I thought “This dude must be reliable, because he is a Christian and a friend of my sister’s boyfriend”.
I met the expert and I explained to him the symptoms my laptop had. The first thing he did was asking some questions like “Ok, did they give you the broken hard disk back? No?” and then he said “They didn’t do a good job. They usually don’t fix the real problem because they want to take all people's money. They are not good professionals. Let me handle this”.
Well, this guy fixed my laptop in about 3 days. He said that it was a hard disk problem. Then he added some stuff to my laptop in order to make it run faster and things like th…

Part II: Stopping Addictions (Day 112)

Within my Previous Post I mentioned that I smoked weed again after quitting for a month and a half and also some realizations I had. I have to say that I have smoked a couple of times more besides that time and here I am going to share how I have been walking this sort of "experiment".
Last weekend I met some friends and they had weed. I didn’t want to smoke the first time they invited me, because I wanted to see how everything from a sober perspective was. I have to say that it was cool. I didn’t need weed to laugh for instance. I was expressing myself in a very confident manner, joking and those types of things that many people -including myself - access when being high.
Some hours later we met another friend and I decided to smoke. This time I was pretty aware of how my expression was without smoking weed, so now while smoking I was observing how slowly but surely I was changing my expression until I got completely high.
The same thing that I mentioned in my previous post …

Stopping Addictions (Day 111)

I have mentioned within some of my previous posts that during this process of quitting smoking weed and cigarettes, weed seemed to be easier to quit than cigarettes, mainly because a month and a half had past and I didn’t experience strong desires to smoke joints as I did with cigarettes.
Well, last weekend I decided to smoke weed again. I was going to meet some friends I hadn’t seen for a while and they always have good weed, so I thought “I haven’t smoked for almost 2 months now, so let’s do it tonight”.
What I noticed was that since I opened myself to the possibility to smoke weed again while still being home, my behavior changed when I arrived to my friend’s house. I was like a desperate dog who seeks for food everywhere lol. Well, the moment came and I smoked. At first it was weird because I didn’t remember how the experience was. I went through many stages though.
The first thing; I became more attentive and engaged in conversations. I started enjoying myself more while talking t…