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Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2015

Ignore & Forget: The Condition Beneath Invisible Violence (Day 117)

It seems like human beings are used to define violence within 2 dimensions, which are physical and emotional/psycological violence. The physical one when using our hands or whatever we found around to punish someone such as a knife, a gun or any type of weapon. The emotional/psychological violence when we use our words to make someone feel bad, especially through our voice tonality and the use of pejoratives. Another category existing here is cyber bullying, which is when people send text messages attacking a specific person and they create all sort of lies in order to create a chaos within the victim’s life.
But there are some other types of violence that are not that visible that I would like to mention here. They are not obvious or palpable as the previous ones. I am going to refer to 2 specific ones.
The first one is symbolic violence. Even though this one is evident, we do not understand it as violent. Why? Because it’s part of what we have accepted as ‘normal’. What would be an ex…

Procrastination & Self-Judgment (Day 116)

I am in front of the screen now. I was for a moment with my mind in a blank when realizing that my writings haven’t been moving as I like it. This is of course related to me not moving myself effectively in terms of doing what it has to be done, not only within writing but also within some other dimensions that require direction in my life.
I see there are a few tasks I have to do that I have procrastinated. What I have noticed is that when trying to move myself after procrastinating, suddenly something happens that makes the tasks harder. 'Harder', meaning that something unexpected happens that creates more and more resistance/friction within myself. It’s like ‘Oh I have lots of things to do, I will do them tomorrow’, then 2 weeks pass and I go ‘Ok, now it’s time. Oh no, why does this have to happen when I have just decided to move myself?’.
What I am able to see here is that I am easily giving up and that I tend to make things look bigger than what they are within my mind. I …

Self-Change & Communication (Day 115)

Last night I went to a friend’s house, because he was going to fix an old laptop I have. I hadn’t seen this friend for a while. There was a period where we used to be closer, but you know, due to different lifestyles/jobs/interests, sometimes people do not see each other as they used to.
Suddenly my friend asked me “what does your mom think about your radical change?”. I said “What radical change?”, kind of surprised with the word “radical”. He said “You know, with Desteni. You used to be different”. From what I understood, he considered that I used to be more “reactive” and now I am more calmed down. He said something like “you used to immediately go like aaahhhh, but now you give a step back, you see the whole thing and then you approach it”.
It was interesting to have a friend’s feedback in relation to my current expression. But then, when I started opening up, meaning, giving more details about my “radical change” I didn’t have the attention/interest I expected/wanted. For instance…