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Re-Defining Gentle (Day 136)

This post is a continuation of my two previous posts; The Caregiver Archetype and Re-Defining Care. So, here I am going to have a look at the word Gentle that was also a suggestion that emerged within my Kinesiology chat.
First, I am going to write down how I have noticed my expression in relation to other people and then towards myself.
Since two years ago I noticed that the way I treat some people changed, especially when it comes to females. I started developing a personality which I can recognise as the opposite side of the Caregiver Archetype, but in the end...wanting the same, which is feeling good.
This change within the way I express myself could be understood as a defense mechanism which functions in order to hide fear. In other words; part of a suppressed personality that is also linked to the Caregiver personality.
So, within this personality I started disliking the idea of being gentle, as I said before; especially with females, because I judged them as being too girly and bl…

Re-Defining Care (Day 135)

This is a continuation of my Previous Post where I applied self-forgiveness on the backchats I had experienced when participating in the Caregiver personality.
I realized that if the Caregiver cares about others because it uses his ‘good intentions’ to feel good through positive experience, then there is a lack existing within it.
By caring about others, the Caregiver does not care about self, because other people’s interests, wants and needs go first and self ends up being neglected.
So, I can say that I have separated myself when it comes to living the word Care within and as self by leaving my wants and needs aside.
It’s like I have participated in the belief that everyone should care about others, so in caring about others, I care about others and I receive care by others, without considering that one can develop Care as one without expecting it from others.
Okay, so now I am going to write down some self-forgiveness statements in relation to the the separation I have created with the…

The Caregiver Archetype (Day 134)

After having a Kinesiology session through muscle testing, I was suggested to have a look at The Caregiver Archetype existing within myself, which is the one who extends care to others to feel good about self, the one that wants recognition and wants to feel needed by others. This archetype also feels better, more equipped and stronger than others when in fact, it is a polarity manifestation which starting point is the suppression of emotions, such as helplessness and powerlessness.
This suppression has manifested physically through pimples on my face, because as the caregiver wants recognition, which is a way it has used to define self-value – when it does not get it, anger ignites within it and so, the pimples that have appeared on my face are the physically manifested consequences.

What was also shown to me through this session was that the caregiver’s traits came from a generational personality through my mother’s lineage, meaning: my grandmother and even 7 generations before me. S…

My Unemployed Experience (Day 133)

After getting unemployed last year I noticed how my world became sort of ‘reduced’, meaning, I was used to interact with lots of people every day and suddenly, it was only my family and friends, which is not something ‘bad’ in any way, by the way.
Something changed within myself in terms of self-empowerment, because when I interacted with lots of people, such as students, bosses, colleagues, parents, etc, etc I knew how to handle different situations that emerged on a daily basis. Let’s say that I was empowered. Like when you feel that you can do anything you want, like there’s no boundaries.
Now I see that a big part of what constituted that empowerment, besides being active in real time through having a job, was the fact that I was in a ‘good social position’ within this system. I mean, I started working in that school as a substitute teacher, then they hired me, then they made me the main teacher of a class, then they made me the sort of manager of the English department.
I also notic…