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The Process of Stopping Addictions (Day 140)

Earlier, I was listening to a guy on the radio talking about quitting smoking cigarettes and I remembered that it’s been a year without smoking cigarettes. I decided to quit smoking in May last year. You can read my previous posts for more context:

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This guy said that even though you can quit smoking for 1 or 2 or even 3 years, in one moment you can be back to the habit again and even to smoke the same amount of cigarettes you used to before quitting and that the decision to quit was a day to day decision. I agreed with his perspective.

If you ask me if I have felt a desire to smoke again, I would say yes, there have been moments where I would like to give it a try again. But, in such moments I realize that I am experiencing anxiety. It’s like wanting to have my hands and mouth busy with something. But instead of placing something in my mouth, I’d rather investigate what’s causing that emotion, because if you simply succumb to the habit, you are not solving anything, but keeping the cycle within its functioning.

Besides quitting cigarettes, it’s been a month without drinking alcohol. And here there is an interesting point I would like to share. When I quit smoking cigarettes, I started drinking more. When I say ‘more’ it’s not necessarily in relation to the amount of alcohol I consumed at once, but how often I would do it.

Within one of my previous posts about quitting cigarettes, I mentioned that sometimes you smoke and you are not even aware that you are doing it. It’s like smoking becomes automated. Well, and the same happens with alcohol hey! I sometimes was so engaged in the energetic experience that I was building up through and from such ‘interesting conversations’ that I was more focused on feeding that energy than what I was physically doing with my hands, which was holding a plastic cup that I continuously placed in my mouth until I became completely drowsy like a zombie or bio-robot that repeats its pre-programmed patterns over and over again.

I don’t know how it works for other people, but I never really liked alcohol. For instance, I like chocolate milk, I like yogurt, natural juice – those have a nice taste to me, but alcohol does not taste delicious as food does lol. So, I was basically drinking because I had my hands and mouth so programmed with the smoking habit, that I just replaced cigarettes for alcohol. And it’s not something that I didn’t see coming. I knew that that could happen and it did.

For those who still smoke cigarettes; do you smoke every cigarette with full awareness? Are you aware that your hand is holding a cigarette? Are you aware of every puff; how you breathe in the smoke, how you hold it within and how you release it in every single puff? I don’t think so. We are not even aware of how our minds run when we do the simple act of taking a shower.

So – this process of stopping addictions is of great support in terms of giving ourselves the opportunity to walk in real time the realization of how programmed we are, to realize the enslavement we have created through our own 'free choices'.

Besides that, through challenging my own addictions, it was something that I would share with some friends and that also encouraged them to do the same. And then we would share how we walked a similar process in order to cross-reference the challenge and the dimensions that opened up. To me those are real friends; the ones who challenge you/themselves, not the ones that always say yes in order to tacitly support the self-deception and self-dishonesty existing within everyone.  


  1. Really cool. Thanks for sharing, Pablo. We definitely have to investigate these habits that we've accepted and allowed to become automated and find out why they are happening in the first place. Cool.


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