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Mostrando entradas de julio, 2016

You Don't See, You Associate (Day 145)

Last night I was watching some videos on youtube in order to learn about poetry. I then decided to write my first attempt in poetry after being familiar with some basic rules that I was just learning.

What was interesting to realize through writing poetry is that I shared it with some people and their feedback was “You are ready to go to public transportation” (as a street performer), “I approached it as it was being said by an elementary school student”, “I read it as though it was rap”, “It’s a pity that you have to follow certain rules, because it limits you”.
Most people after reading what I wrote, only associated the new input (my writing) with something they had previously experienced in the past or their beliefs.
For instance the first feedback “You are ready to go to public transportation”, it’s because that person has probably seen people reading poetry or singing rap in buses, so they associate it with that memory.
Then “I approached it as it was being said by an elementary sch…