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You Don't See, You Associate (Day 145)

Last night I was watching some videos on youtube in order to learn about poetry. I then decided to write my first attempt in poetry after being familiar with some basic rules that I was just learning.

What was interesting to realize through writing poetry is that I shared it with some people and their feedback was “You are ready to go to public transportation” (as a street performer), “I approached it as it was being said by an elementary school student”, “I read it as though it was rap”, “It’s a pity that you have to follow certain rules, because it limits you”.

Most people after reading what I wrote, only associated the new input (my writing) with something they had previously experienced in the past or their beliefs.

For instance the first feedback “You are ready to go to public transportation”, it’s because that person has probably seen people reading poetry or singing rap in buses, so they associate it with that memory.

Then “I approached it as it was being said by an elementary school student”. Again, memories of your experience at school in the past when seeing your classmates or children reading poetry in front of an audience and things like that.

“I read it as though it was rap”, because of the rhymes maybe and the 8 syllables in every verse.

And finally, “It’s a pity that you have to follow certain rules, because it limits you”. That’s only the belief you have created towards rules, because the only way you can break the rules is through learning them, because then you can be more specific in relation to what aspects and why you want to change them. Plus, there might be rules in relation to the structure, yes, but the content you express is up to you.

This is not something that I am sharing in order to judge those people’s feedbacks. I am actually glad that it happened, because it was the first time I had written poetry and then, through what they shared, I placed it within myself so as to see where and why I do the same when I face new situations or even people in my world, so I can step in and become the change of such patterns as a living example.

We tend to associate through perception and interpretation and we leave it just like that without being able to explore or see beyond. It is so easy and fast for the mind to jump in and create a whole idea based on perception and (mis) interpretation in relation to something or someone that we haven’t realized how that has become a pattern by default within ourselves.

This makes me ponder of “How many things have I misinterpreted throughout my whole life because of not seeing with my physical eyes, but only seeing through the mind’s I (eye)?”.

A cool exercise for me will be to become more aware of such moments when I am facing something for the first time and I start creating ideas and beliefs, so in that moment I can question myself and stop my participation in my mind, so my feedback is not only an opinion based on the information that’s stored in my subconscious mind, but maybe a question in order to learn more, for instance “what is it about?”, “How did you do it?”, “okay, I see. How does it function?”, etc.

Oh and here’s what I wrote.
It’s in Spanish which is my first language, though:

Mi primera poesía
No pensé que la haría
Si bien, yo sé de un lenguaje
Distinto es tener coraje

Sé que suena desafiante
Mas no busco impresionarte
En verdad soy un cantante
Y me expreso con el arte

Es difícil expandirse
Y de pronto liberarte
Hacer los miedos fundirse
No huir, sino enfrentarte

Doy un paso hacia el frente
Sin embargo, no hay apuro
Pareciera inconsecuente
Pero no, te lo aseguro

Y ésta es mi última rima
Ya con esto me despido
No hizo falta una tarima
Y algo nuevo he aprendido


  1. cool Pablo! Hace unos meses vi este documental, leer rimas me recordó a ello:

    Si puedes encontrarlo, velo!

  2. Se ve bueno el trailer! Lo buscaré. Gracias por la recomendación, Marlen!

  3. hay quien dice que el rap cambió su vida...
    pero no soy yo quien lo decida !!!

    Gracias Pablo!


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