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Mostrando entradas de agosto, 2016

Why Do You Look at The Speck in Your Brother's Eye, But Fail to Notice The Beam in Your Own Eye? (Day 149)

Within this post I am going to place myself in an individual’s shoes in order to apply self-forgiveness on the patterns I have observed exist within themselves that are creating conflict within their lives and the lives of others when it comes to communication and the dynamics in relationships.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame others for the way I feel within myself, without realizing that the anger, hate, and frustration I experience are indicating that there are certain points in my world/life that I am not addressing in self-honesty, that’s why it is much easier to abdicate responsibility and project it onto others instead of facing it myself.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how the way I express myself within communication when I am angry through my voice tonality, body language and facial gestures make the way I express myself infertile, because what I create is friction instead of understand…

Being Drunk v/s Being Sober in a Club (Day 147)

Last weekend I went to a club in this new city I am currently living in. I usually go to clubs when there are bands playing live.That’s most of the times my starting point in relation to going to such places; watching and listening to new bands playing live.

So, once I have seen the bands and listened to their music it’s like I am already ‘done’ and I can go home because 'I already did what I had planned'. It is different when I have been to such places without having a clear starting point, because when I have done that in the past, it felt like being in a contant state of ‘expecting something to happen’, which leads to anxiety, that’s why you drink and smoke more – as though that physical action of directing your hand towards your mouth in a repetitive way - creating a pattern - was going to solve your inner state or give you a purpose.  
Anyways, I went to this club with a new friend and I was completely clean; no alcohol and no drugs in my body. The only thing I drank was w…

Moving to a New City (Day 146)

Last week I moved to a different city to start a new job as a teacher after being unemployed for a bit more than 1 year. It came unexpected and all of a sudden I had to move myself efficiently in order to get everything done, including bus tickets and paper stuff that are required to work in a school.
The last day I stayed in my previous city, one of my friends stayed with me throughout the process of getting things done and I noticed how I tended to become possessed by an emotional reaction of sadness, while thinking “this dude has always been here for me in very important moments, but I won’t see him or the rest of the guys in a long time again”.
It was like approaching that last day in my previous city as a sort of farewell, plus keeping in mind that I for the first time was going to work in a public school, so a whole new experience where I would have to adapt myself to a new environment, new colleagues, new students, different city, etc.

Anyways, I got here and so far I have felt …