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Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2016

Frustration in Aloneness (Day 149)

I am writing right now in order to explore myself in relation to something that I would call a ‘mind state’ where I tend to go which is related to ‘wanting to go out’ and realizing that ‘I have no one to go out with’.

Since I moved to a different city, I have become dependent on certain people that live here in order to go out and get access to certain contexts. So, today it is like the third time that I am experiencing something similar since I moved here.
I would describe it as frustration. It’s like frustrating to not have access to those people/contexts when I want to, because somehow with those people I have been able to do other activities in my free time besides working in a school.
I have a close friend who lives here, but as this friend is currently out of the city, I feel this frustration in relation to not being able to go out as usual, plus having to work tomorrow and this thought of “I wasn’t able to enjoy myself fully as I should” pops up, which ignites this experience of “…