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Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2016

When Your Body Language Gives You Away (Day 151)

A few days ago I was talking to X and I was explaining something, then this individual made a question, but as their question was not specific, I asked again in order to provide a clearer answer, but I noticed that this person changed in their behavior, kind of becoming upset and speaking louder while their body language - specifically their facial gestures and hands started making abrupt moves, kind of stressed out.
I have personally seen this existing within myself as well, for instance when one is doing something and suddenly we’re interrupted, but more specifically when the other person seems to not understand our point and one have to repeat the message. 
I notice that when I have to repeat what I already said, I have become in-a-rush-mode so to speak, and as they do not seem to understand what I say, slowly but surely I start noticing how the emotion starts building up within myself, but at the same time trying to control it, although the result is infertile because you end up str…

When You Feel Excluded (Day 150)

A couple of minutes ago I got a message on the Whatsapp group my band and I have. The message said “Guys, we will continue playing after not playing for a while”.
Since I am working in a different city, I noticed a reaction within myself; “Do they plan to leave me aside or something?”.
I asked “Really? new members?”. And I was told that a guy that I know will be playing the bass in the band.
A backchat that I had was “Does X think he owns the band that he can make adjustments without first asking the whole band?”. Then I went “But, I am living in a different city. If the guys want to play, they should do it. I wonder who the new singer will be”.
I also noticed that I felt ‘excluded’, kind of Making things Personal. I even thought that they didn’t want to play with me and that now is the perfect moment to start a ‘new band’ without me. Then, all the self-judgments projection “I don’t sing well, if I am in a different city I am an obstacle for them right now”.
I remember that our last gi…