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Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2016

Vulnerable (Day 154)

Within my previous post I mentioned some words that emerged when exploring the dynamics of developing an effective communication. These words were: Vulnerable, Control, and Trust.
So, in this post I am going to start off with exploring the word Vulnerable.

The dictionary defines the word Vulnerable as the following:

1. Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

2. (of a person) in need of special care, support, or protection, because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect.
I mentioned that I had approached the word Vulnerable as a synonym of ‘Weak’; meaning, I had charged the word negatively throughout my life, because in seeing someone as being vulnerable I would picture within myself a lotus flower in the water being exposed for anyone to come, grab it and destroy it - and the flower existing in fear in the back of its ‘mind’.
On the one hand; Fear of being destroyed by someone else. And - on the other hand; Hope of being ‘discov…

Distrust (Day 153)

Some days ago I was talking with an individual and within the conversation I started kind of ‘showing off’ by saying that people are very easy to be persuaded/manipulated. This person said “I bet you can’t manipulate me” and I said “I already did it lol”.

Then this person said “You know, males are so easy to be cheated/fooled, they do not even realize when women do it”.
After some minutes, we were in a different room and this person’s body language, specifically; facial expression was one of suspicion, so I asked “Why that face? It’s like a suspicious face”. At first this person wasn’t aware of her gestures, because it happened on an unconscious level, so when I asked “Is everything okay?”, they said “yeah”. Then, this person opened up and said that actually they felt insecure in relation to me, like they didn’t know whether to believe/trust in me or not - and in that moment I realized that I had placed a seed on this person's mind; a seed that somehow activated within them a sens…

Learning from Leaders (Day 152)

This morning I was on the bus going to work and as usual there were lots of passengers. The bus was full and I had to travel standing on my feet which I am used to and it’s not a big deal. The point is that when I got in the bus, I noticed a man that was giving the passengers instructions in order to all be able to fit in. 
I was listening to music with headphones and this man said something I couldn’t hear, so I took out the headphones and asked “what?”, and he suggested me to take out my backpack and hold it with my hand so the backpack was not going to use too much space.
I noticed that when this man talked to me I had this backchats "Is he talking to me? I don't know him. Who does he think he is? Why should I obey?"

At first, I didn’t do what he said and instead moved next to a seat and asked “here it’s fine, right?”. Then, I questioned my reaction to him by realizing that what activated in that moment was superiority and my rebel/stubborn character, where I would make …