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Mostrando entradas de enero, 2017

Angry Reactions When Being Confronted (Day 160)

I am currently visiting my parent’s house and yesterday morning I had an argument with a member of my family. In a nutshell, I did something that was considered by this individual as disrespectful, like I had transgressed 'the rules of the house'.

This person then made sure to inform others about what I had done and that’s when this person approaches me and the argument started. Some weeks ago we had already had a very similar argument where - according to their words - my behavior was not good.

For quite some years I’ve had arguments with this person. But, most of the times this person was the one that had reasons to ‘tell me off’ so to speak. It’s like we can’t communicate effectively. Actually the last time we had an argument I remained calmed and let the person know that they were angry and that even their facial gestures changed and that they were not accepting a ’no’ as an answer to their request.
This time when this person approached me, I said “I don’t want to talk to y…

From Control to Self-Control (Day 159)

I have observed that in deeper layers within my consciousness there exists this desire for control that comes from ‘good intentions’, like as though in having control of my environment, people's behavior, and how things play out, I am going to succeed so to speak.

What I have noticed is that the more I want control, the more I am out of control. This is separation, it’s me wanting to look for control outside, in my external world, because I fear that things won’t work out. Therefore, the starting point of me wanting to have control comes from fear. And the fear activates because I am not applying or living self-control.
I have realized that the way one reacts pretty much determines the output, whether something unexpected took place or when someone approaches us from a ‘negative’ stance, which means that if I am living self-control, my reaction in relation to anything that may play out in my environment - through my self-controlled ‘reaction’ - will be easier to address and thus, t…