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Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2017

Stuck in Emotional Energy [Day 165]

Recently I have been struggling with intense emotional energy due to having inner conflict that I blame on X. This emotional energy is interfering in all the other relationships I have in my external world. It’s like when I have a problem with X, I can’t do well at work, I don’t express myself through music as I always do, I even notice that my face feels straight with no life in it so to speak.

I have recently been experiencing pain on my right shoulder and even an eye effusion. I have caught myself ‘lost’ in this emotional energy and it seems hard sometimes for me to even identify/name the emotions, although I am able to recognize it’s negative energy, because it manifests in my solar plexus.

I have been in a constant state where I feel well and then I again go into the emotional energy and this has been increasing lately. For instance today I got angry due to something that was said by X and I felt like breaking stuff. I have no memories of me breaking stuff in the past, so this g…

The Liar Character Within Me [Day 164]

Today I would like to share how I found the Liar Character within me and how throughout my life I had defined myself as someone honest that spoke the truth without realizing where the Liar Character was hiding. It was in words, but not all the words, that’s the point.
I realized this point by first being an observer, for instance when people shared information - especially girlfriends - I didn’t like that they were not very specific when I asked them questions. I wanted all the details, otherwise I thought they were lying when the information was not clear.
So, I in a moment when going to share an anecdote during last week, I had already in my mind how I was going to do it, not like ‘planned’, but more in real time seeing the words in my mind before speaking them - and I noticed that I wanted to hide myself from something. So, I didn’t mention ‘I’ in my mind, because I wanted to avoid saying that I said/did something. And I realized that it was because there was a more involved level of…